the life of the “unemployed”…

cant count yesterday. i was out from 10am – 10pm piahing projects and stuffs.

it officially begins today!

11am – woke up, cuddled with my cat and snoozed.

11.3oam – dragged self to computer… blogsurfed, msn-ed, facebook-ed (yes, i have succumbed. *blush*)

12.30pm – staring at computer

I AM OFFICIALLY BORED. this sucks. ok, im dragging tiger out for lunch and shopping. i cant stay home and nua the whole day…

maybe i should start studying tomorrow. exams this weekend!

2 thoughts on “the life of the “unemployed”…”

  1. The grass is always greener on the other side 🙂

    Welcome to the unemployed club. I’m on my way to the useless and unemployed club tho.



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