kennysia uses a push up. do you?

i bet many of you have already read kennysia’s, nannywen’s (huiwen), pinkpau’s (su ann) and 9eek9oddess’s (estee) accounts. here’s mine!

accompanied kenny to go queue for donuts. he had heard about the donuts craze in singapore and wanted to check it out. so we indulged in singapore’s favourite pasttime (as nannywen mentioned), queuing.

sadly, there was only one glazed donut available. 🙁 thankfully we only queued for 30 mins instead of the usual 2 hrs plus queue. still not worth it! give me j co anytime!

he says i look like her. NO WAY! i dont see any resemblance at all. lol

accompanied mr sia to buy his push up underwear. tsk tsk. lol. we were looking at some borat swimwear lookalike. so weird. o.O. i had to take some pictures while he did his little “research”. check out his blog for more details. i wonder how many men uses pushup underwears. o.O

we then met nannywen and headed off to ming’s place for dinner.

ming kindly hosted us plus estee, wendy, mike, su ann and her bf at his place. dinner was great. indian food from tanglin club. nice! we were questioning the rather suspiciously looking spinach. hmmm. still didnt dare to try it. lol.

su ann is hilarious! she’s just so chirpy, bubbly and pretty. i wanna be 19 again!

most of us being bloggers, camwhored a lot. here’s just some pics from kenny, su ann and me. nannywen! where’s your pics?!

nannywen, kennysia and me.

kennysia’s queen.

staring at ming’s super big fishies. kenny was tempting the fishies with his toe. tsk tsk.

mr sia and me.

cute su ann.

pouty pouty. i love her camera!

wendy and me.

a group pic. 🙂

we then had a tour of ming’s place. beautiful! we got bored after that and started ransacking his room and discovered some “interesting” magazines. lol. ming was amused that we were interested in those mags and not his harvard business times. oops.

guess whose heads are these? we were guessing which were real. 😛

there’s even a magazine called nuts!

he forced me to squeeze his boobs. 🙁

another group pic. 🙂

nannywen and me.

why is a cert in the toilet?

check out the size of the bear! it takes up one whole seat while nannywen and i take up another!

we then headed down to st james powerstation. to bellini!

pretty decor!

as the guys had their guy talk, we girls discussed and gossiped. 😛 it was a pity we didnt managed to get a table near the stage for the jazz bands sounds fab.

nannywen, me and estee.

sweet su ann. pls come back to singapore soon!

ladies only. 🙂

he likes them squeezed.

last but not least, with kenny sia. i still hate you for posting that ugly and fat picture of me!

really enjoyed myself with them. they’re hilarious! 🙂 dinner soon yeah?

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