Outfit of the day Pictures

Hi. I have a problem. I buy way too many bags.


I love bags. I also love shoes. Hmmm. Come to think of it I love clothes too. And accessories. And makeup.

Ok. I have a problem. I love everything. I like shopping and mix and matching my clothes to my accessories to my shoes to my bags and even to my makeup.

I like dressing up to occassions. I like variety.

Don’t you?

Decided to plug Hayley’s blogshop. I don’t actually know Hayley but recall she’s a friend of Alton and Andy so when she approached me, I thought why not help plug a fellow blogger?

I got 3 bags from Hayley. Basically what she does is that she conducts sprees on her blogshop http://www.pgmallspreee.blogspot.com. She collates spree orders from this popular online tw spree called pgmall bags. They have all kinds of variety of the bag kind e.g. purses, wallets and handbags!

Not only that, they have formal, casual and cute bags. Bags for all sort of occasions! Aside from sprees, which takes about a week or 2, she also has ready instocks.

I was debating over what bags to get and the sweet Hayley helped me choose the bags! I got 3 in the end but haven’t had the chance to use one of them so here’s pics of the other two!

Dress by: TheBlogShop

See what I mean about matching with my clothes and accessories?

This is my favourite of the lot! The white heartprints are so adorable!

Dress and belt by: TheBlogShop

I have this quirk about wanting to match shoes to belts to bags. heh.

The black patent bag matches everything and is big enough for me to shove my documents in my bag.

Love the bags! I just saw she has this gorgeous purple classy handbag on her blog instocks now. ARGH. Sibeh gian to get can?!


Go take a look and support a fellow blogger’s blogshop!



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