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that thing about aussie… day twelve.

the day started really badly. i had a throbbing migraine yesterday and decided to sleep it off. this morning i woke up feeling feverish, nauseous, dizzy and body aches. i felt super hot and yet there was this chill in the bones.

we scrapped our plans for a pretty picnic and decided to make a short trip to chinatown instead. tiger cooked super delicious meatballs. however, i could only take one. absolutely no appetite. i popped two more panadols but there was no improvement. infact i felt even more feverish to the point i could faint any moment.

cut the trip short and make a quick visit to dominos (must eat pizza here!). i couldnt take it there. was feeling feverish and yet cold. weird feeling.

concussed as soon as i got home. i kept getting tummy upsets and felt like vomitting. i guess its stomach flu? could only take a bit of pizza unfortunately i felt so sick that it tasted like rubber.

and yet, what goes in must come out. i leave you to your imagination. i feel like i wasted today 🙁 only went out for 2 hours plus and half the time was used travelling.

i have not bought all souveniors. looks like tomorrow will be the final dash to get everything i need. and hopefully i will have recovered by then. popped another 2 more panadols. seems to have no effect.

bah. this sucks.