Pictures Yours truly...

i was using this as my msn picture..

and practically everyone asked this…

‘did you take this when you were drunk?’

do i look drunk to you?!?! actually i was high… high on steak…

i took this cause… eh. at that time it seems funny to be posing with the crabclaws.

and somebody asked me this : ‘what do you have against cows?’

nothing my dear. i love them to bits.

oh well.

my part in saving the cows…

so i can eat more of them when you don’t. save the cows!!

i need to detox my body… been drinking alcohol non-stop these few days… and tmd. today going ladies night…

speaking of clubbing… went for ping’s birthday at zouk on wednesday. nice to meet everyone. im proud of my willpower! save tat for another day…

and tmd. makanguru actually called me when i was lazing at home like a slob all geeky and all… asked me to head down to zouk in 30 mins time. basket you. tmd.

can i dont go wala tomorrow? =D

[edit] a sidenote: do you realise that some of your blogs are edited or the last updated seems to be weird? i have a few old blogs and suddenly it shows that its last updated which is today. which is weird. i have touched those in months….

blogger is going crazy? [/edit]

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