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Taking care of your lashes.

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Eyes are the window to one’s soul. For me personally, I tend to always emphasize on my eye makeup as compared to the rest of my face. It’s precisely because I use a huge amount of eye makeup that I make it a point to take proper care of my eyes especially for my lashes.

Here are some tips from yours truly on lashes, from proper lash care to showing off your lashes to their fullest glory!

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Prevention is better than cure.

In order to have luscious lashes, one should always take care of one’s lashes. The secret to beautiful lashes? – Healthy lashes.

1. Proper eye makeup removal.

Always remember to remove your eye makeup thoroughly. Clogged lashes not only weigh the lashes down, it also causes distress to the lashes which in turn causes ‘balding’.  It’s very important to use a good eye makeup remover especially if you are using waterproof makeup. Remember not to rub your eyes too often. Not only does it cause wrinkles, it also affects the lashes. I recommend using either ZA Cleansing Oil or Kao Biore’s Cleansing Oil Facial Sheets.

2. You are NOT sleeping beauty.

Never ever sleep with your makeup on. This is even worse than not proper makeup removal. Sleeping with your makeup on is very bad for your skin and eyes. Your skin and your lashes need to take a break from the heavy makeup and without this break, your pores are clogged and it is hard to remove overnight mascara from your lashes. I’ve committed this cardinal sin before and I remember having a hard time removing my mascara. Some lashes were sacrificed in the struggle of removing my war paint.

3. Treat it before it’s gone.

A good eyelash treatment would help boosting growth for your eye lashes. Not only does it help thicken your lashes, you can also use it as a step before putting on your mascara. I use it to protect my lashes before I put on any mascara.

If you got it, flaunt it.

Here’s how to bring out the best in your lashes.

1. Curl it.

It’s very important to curl your lashes before putting on any product. Straight, uncurled lashes are not attractive and you’ll have a hard time applying mascara afterwards. I recommend using a heated eyelash curler.

2. Use a mascara base.

A mascara base can do wonders. I use Lash Bone from Majolica Majorca. Basically Lash Bone works as a primer before putting on my mascara. I find that using a mascara base helps thicken the lashes and brings the effect of thicker luscious lashes!

3. Mix and Match.

Currently in the market, there are so many different types of mascaras. What I do is use two mascaras for my lashes. I use a mascara to add extra volume and lengthening mascara. You can’t have one without the other in my opinion.

These are my tips to have beautiful natural lashes. If you have any tips, do feel free to share them with me!

I am a guest beauty blogger for Cozycot. This article appeared here.

3 thoughts on “Taking care of your lashes.”

  1. What do you recommend for eyelash treatment? I used to use the serum from Face Shop but that one has precipitate after a while and it doesn’t work very well after.


    nadnut Reply:

    I used Foltene before and I quite like it! There’s also another from Sasa, forgot the name though!


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