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Vainpotty updates!

First up! Majolica updates! Chapter 25 is finally out! And this time, it consists of mainly limited edition items so please get your hands on them pronto! This chapter is called Mademoiselle Midnight because the makeup is especially suitable for an evening look or a party! This chapter has mainly 2 theme colours. One being …

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Vainpotty treats!

[Advertorial] My favourite advertiser Milly’s has a new promotion! It’s such a great deal isn’t it? Do call 8383 5395 to make an appointment now! Aside from that, I did my nails at Milly’s sometime ago but I totally forgotten to post up pics! As you know, rainbows is like my signature thing, I had …

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Milly’s 1 Year Anniversary!

[Advertorial] As you guys know, I’m currently being sponsored under Milly’s for hair extensions. It has been a good year with Milly’s so far and hopefully there will be many more years that I’ll be working with her! Some of you guys emailed and commented on some questions on hair extensions and I’ve finally decided …

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Sometimes I feel life is just but a routine. You wake up, you go to work/school, you go home and have dinner/meet up with friends for dinner/you work overtime, you go to bed and you get up. Repeat cycle. Do you guys get into a “funk” once in a while? I do. And sometimes I …

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