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EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, time to clear the backlog. There is so MANY events to blog about! From launches to gatherings to outings to camwhoring to my australia trip. =X

SMB2 seems fairly easy so I’ll get the easy ones out first!

Daryl (aka Pimp Daddy D of Plurk) had kindly invited me to Social Media Breakfast 2 quite some time ago. (Oops. Belated entry. :P)

First up, outfit of the day!

If you’re wondering why do I keep wearing leggings these days, that’s because I can’t find any of my black jeans! Anyway leggings are more comfortable. BAH!

The event was held at this cosy place called Cafe Domus which is located near Nuffnang’s office (i think!)

I thought I was late but turns out the few of us who had arrived together were actually early!

Pretty place!

Pretty background!

Bling bling chandeliers!

Some people had trouble with the door.

Nicole kindly took a pic of sweaty meh.

Nicole! Love her new hairdo!

While I cooled down with the rest, we were given tagging kits by the kind Derrick. (pic below with the very surprised Miccheng)

The tagging kits worked as a little icebreaker. Basically you can tag anything on anyone!

I got quite a number of tags!

Check out the cool SMB Logo!

The first few that appeared: Tiny, famous and Rainbow blogger. Basically you can stick the tags ANYWHERE. *cough*

The next batch: Sweet as honey, net-nad and feisty woman in a small package. woo hoo!

One of the last batches: Sony camera enthusiast, the famous one, nuttilicious “slurp”, man-boobs lover and sweets sweet!

Showcasing my tags. I wonder if these people tagged me because they HAD something to say or because there was lots of skin.

Jayden looks jealous of my many tags. 😛

I really think it’s because of the skin! (You try removing those tags! Hurts like mad!)

Remind me to be covered up for SMB3 pls!

Basically SMB2 (Social Media Breakfast 2) was a session/get together/an opportunity for everyone to interact/discuss/debate and exchange thoughts, ideas about Social Media. Think about it, we’ve been using social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube etc.

Companies should start making use of the opportunities. Anyway, to be honest, I think I did more networking instead.

And erm. Molesting innocent people.

I was a bit apprehensive about squeezing his manboobs. He looks so fierce!


Remember my previous entry?

Yes, His manboobs brings all the nads to the yard, damn right, its bigger than yours!

I wonder how he looks like now… 🙁

LOL. His namecard case has this cute Pikachu sticker.

And the other guy is…..

Jayden! Heh. That’s an easy one right?

The lovely spread.

I love this picture of Brian and me! I look so tanned! 😛 and the company is cute too. LOL!

My fave pic of the day!

LOL! Classic! I shall use this to blackmail Jayden!

Ending off with the tags I’ve received from SMB2!

Just a suggestion, perhaps there should be a proper introduction on what SMB is all about etc. Thankfully the rest explained to me (noob mah. I didn’t attend SMB1!) on what’s happening and what to do.

I had fun! Thanks Daryl, Derrick and Qiaoyun!

6 thoughts on “SMB2!”

  1. Glad you enjoyed the event. Haha. We actually had an introduction at the first one. Didn’t do it at the second one because…I don’t know. Haha. Because people were slowly streaming in at various times, I guess, and there wasn’t a way to do a proper introduction to everyone.

    But anyway, nice meeting you. Hope to see you at the next one.

    ps. why does my name link to Plurk..? *raises eyebrow* I’ve sworn off Plurk, you know. =P.

    nadnut: shucks. error. kk modified!


  2. Hello Nadnut, this is your Pimp Daddy speaking.

    Thx for blogging abt the event! (even if it’s a mth late). I’ll see you at 3?

    Yes really sorry about the introduction thing. I got that feedback from someone else who attended for the first time too. Don’t worry we shall not make the same mistake again. hurhur. I loves feedback =)


  3. Hi Nadnut,

    It was nice meeting you at the Yahoo! booth the other day. (Yes the one who kept looking at you cause he was sure he saw you at social media breakfast 2)

    Instead of not going over to say hi at SMB2, I am coming to your blog to say hi now.


    Hope you liked the ice cream!!


  4. OMG Daryl is really enjoying his Pimp Daddy role! 😛

    Anyway, the space in Cafe Domus was a bit inappropriate to like give introductions or speeches cos it was split into two sections. SMB3 should be better! We’ll get Pimp Daddy to give a speech! 😛


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