Yours truly...

Five things to do today.

After working the whole of yesterday, here are 5 things I aim to do today.

1) Da Xiao Ren

Sometimes you just gotta vent your frustrations out. While I may not go as far as getting a wooden clog to da xiao ren, I’ll find other ways to feel better.


Catch up with some much needed zzzzz

3) Blog

I have been neglecting my blog ever since I started working. I guess it’s really hard to find time to blog and work. Must try to blog almost every other day! 🙁 I also need to get hosting for and shift! Liquidblade keeps going down like a bad yoyo diet and it’s damn irritating.

4) Spend some quality time with my loved ones.

Including the cat.

5) Me-time

Maybe go for a walk or something. On the contrary to popular belief, I rather spend time alone than with others most of the time.

What are your 5 things to do today?

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