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Revlon’s ColourStay Mineral Collection.

2 weeks ago, I was invited by EastWest PR for the launch of Revlon‘s ColourStay Mineral Collection. The event was held at the lovely Halia Restaurant located at the Botanical Gardens.

Can you spot my tag? Sadly, there’s a typo and guess what? One of the restaurant cleared my pass away. 🙁

There were yummy food from salad, sandwiches, cheese to…

Delicious wraps, croquettes to rolls.

All smiley!

Bevy of bloggers eagerly waiting for the start of the event.

I spot a familiar face at the back of the room. Do you know who he is?

Bree Sharpe, senior trainee for Revlon (Australia) told us more about the Mineral Collection. She shared with us some personal anecdotes too.

She also did a demonstration of the products. Fabulous!

Sorry, no more pics of the demonstration. My view was being blocked by a photographer 75% of the time!

ANYWAY, here’s some background info on the collection. Apparently mineral cosmetics are vastly popular because they not only provide a smooth, flawless finish but they also are light enough for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

You know how wearing liquid foundation for long hours always leaves clogged pores? Apparently this foundation (which comes in powder form) does not do that. I likey!

The Mineral Collection is also long-wearing is both easy to apply and highly versatile. What I like about the Mineral Foundation is the fact that it contains SPF10. It retails at $29.90 at selected department stores.

Alrighty, more info about the collection later.

While some of us were listening attentively, some were camwhoring.*cough Jessica cough*

Remember I mentioned about a familiar face earlier? That was Andy Lee who is a very well known make up artist in Singapore.

He did a demonstration too and shared with us on some tips on tricks.

After that, we were free to mingle around or to actually try out the products.

Needless to say, most of us pounced on Andy to ask him for suggestions. I was a very very very happy girl that day for Andy actually commented on my makeup! He praised my makeup! *swoons*

A renowned makeup artist with more than twenty years of experience praised yours truly ‘anyhow whack’ makeup! I was practically floating the whole day after that.

He also made up Sabrina, Rinaz and Esther. Damn. I wanted a makeover too. *pouts*

Andy is a blogger too! Do check his blog at Do visit his blog for tips and advice from the makeup guru himself!

Peggy and I trying out the foundation.

Aside from the foundation, there were also the Mineral Blush which is available in 4 diff shades and retails at $24.90 at selected department stores from June 2008 onwards.

All of us received a lovely goodie bag which consisted of the Foundation, Mineral Blush, lipstick and a blusher and eyeshadow from the Limited Edition Collection!

I was simply delighted to receive all of this! Especially the products from the Limited Edition Collection which would only be launched in July!

The eyeshadow and blusher from the Limited Edition Collection are realllly too pretty to be used! 🙁

I’ll be trying them out soon and I’ll be sure to post up a review!

I met a couple of new faces that day and they’re really friendly!

One was Fidelis who is reallllly very sweet.

And she has VERY impressive BIG… *cough* eyes.

The other two being Averal and Feliza. I didn’t manage to have an individual picture taken with them nor did I manage to chat much with Feliza. 🙁 [see lah! Sabrina kept hogging her!]

Anyway, here’s the rest of the bloggers.

Rinaz, Feliza, Sabrina, Fidelis, Jessica, Art Miller (MD of Revlon), Esther, Me, Peggy and Averal.

Pictures here are mainly mine and some were taken by Aaron.

Rinaz is very happy with her flowers. 🙂

Sabrina and me.

Once again, thanks to Sabrina, Aaron and EastWest PR for inviting this little vainpot for the Revlon event. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Revlon’s ColourStay Mineral Collection.”

  1. Why didnt you attend STOMP award event last Wednesday at SPH’s auditorium?

    I saw all the star bloggers except YOU, hun
    urgh. frustrated u know =) hahahahahaaha

    nadnut: I couldn’t go. I had an exam the very next day in the morning… 🙁


  2. So this was the event you had to attend right after the paper!! LOL! love the last picture…just like a model!


  3. wow! Envy.. i wanna meet Andy too + i wan that limited collection!!… LOL* you look good in your new hairstyle babe~ See ya see when skool re-open *BLEH…*muacks


  4. What are those Revlon folders? Do they contain those makeup tips? I bought some of that Revlon mineral make up here in the United States. You girls look great.I wish they had those Revlon events here in the U.S.


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