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Blogging, Then and Now.

Why blog? I have been faced with this question by friends, colleagues and even my parents! Contrary to popular belief, I started my web-log (or otherwise known as a blog in today’s terms) back in 2003 as a means to keep in contact with my then classmates. All of us had started a blog to update each other on what was going on with our lives and to share the different experiences we had in our jobs.

From starting out to blogging for an audience of only 5 friends, the blog slowly evolved. Soon strangers started reading my blog and then soon found myself getting somewhat popular in the blogosphere. From writing for my friends, I slowly started blogging for myself instead.

To me and to most bloggers, blogging in a way allow our voices to be heard and as such, I shared my frustrations, fear and happiness with my readers and was touched and comforted by the encouragement they’ve shown me in return. It soon became a habit for me; I then started to blog even more frequently and even begin reviewing gadgets, restaurants and services. It became a joy to be able to share with others my experience and to have them in a way, view places and experiences through my eyes.

I always wanted to further improve the way I blog thus I started reviews, taking up advertorials and have also recently picked up doing up videos. My very first video cast didn’t turn out well though for it seemed that everyone else was commenting on the messy background rather than me! I really should be insulted!

Though I was very disappointed, I still have faith that I’ll be able to improve in time. One thing I love about blogging is that I feel that with blogging, people tend to pick up certain skills for example, PhotoShop, trying to write reviews, writing humorous entries and even for myself, I’m trying to learn how to edit videos. Recently another blogger and I brainstormed and decided to have our own “talk show“. It was more of a learning experiece and all we want to do is just have fun doing it!

I once thought that blogging was just for me but I was soon proved wrong. It seems that blogging also affects the people around you, be it your friends or readers. I soon began to meet up with other bloggers and readers too and slowly it started changing my blogging network; from just reading about each other, to becoming friends where we constantly keep in contact with each other.

Not long after, blogging became an ‘in’ thing, and everyone and anyone started blogging. It was a major change that affected everyone, as advertisers realized that blogging was a cheap and viable medium to consider, which in turn led to the most basic economic rule: with demand comes supply, though in this case, it was a very bad supply of blogs. Everyone started jumping onto the bandwagon or in this case, the money tree which deteriorated the qualities of blogs just because everyone was posting entries without any substance.

To me, I find that one should be themselves and not blog just for the sake of earning money. Any income from blogging should be seen as a reward and not a justified salary.

Ok, thankewverymuch for reading. Back to bimbo blog entries soon!

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  1. Woot. I had my own webpage in 1998-2000 or so also ahahahah. But very tedious to update with the html, FTP and such.


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