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return of the king babis

remember this?

what do you do after the pesky pigs are exterminated? you celebrate of course! and with such a sweet deal (15% off leh!), you celebrate all night long!

friday: i organised a bsc outing and we headed to pitstop for games and fun. we had a hell of a good time and we were damn loud thanks to the guys. and one very violent KOKster whacked my finger in one of the games. grrrrr. we played the 2nd edition of ticket to ride. fun! must try the 3rd one! and it was the first time that i have placed every piece down in blokus! *celebrates*

not only did the cafe have much more comfortable seats, i saw the penguin there!!!!! yes, i have been eyeing the penguin even way before i left for aussie and seeing it at pitstop just made me wanna buy it even more. so yes, i have bought it now and its sitting prettily on my desk. 🙂

saturday: went to pitstop (yes again!) with Kok and mingli. kicked kok’s ass in a lotr game. MUAHAHAHAAHAAA! i tried the hokey pokey icecream (vanilla + butterscotch)… ARGH. AM ADDICTED!

in the middle of the night, a certain somebody *cough ben cough* msn-ed asking us to head to pitstop on sunday… and i called to make reservations… a certain somebody *cough kimoki cough* answered and asked me this : why are you here everyday?


sunday: we played new games and finally tried settlers of catan. yawns. overhyped game.

that concludes 3 days of pitstop nonstop. overdose man. hahahaa. but good clean fun. *winks*

but… hey.. looked what i spy with my little eye?

do you think all the pigs were exterminated? hahahahaaa.

camwhore nad! must resist going back to pitstop. addict alert. grrrrrr.

5 thoughts on “return of the king babis”

  1. Kimoki joking only lar. folks like you keep us going! anyway hows your penguin getting on? got leak or not? hahaa

    have a good week ahead!


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