6 thoughts on “that thing about the cute comic…”

  1. That is so cute! And disturbing…

    Look! They have no arms, and they look like they’ve had lobotomy because the top of their heads are so flat. I feel so sad for Tiger. All he gets is a block rectangle for a body. At least Deer’s got something to break up the shape.

    nadnut: just a cartoon lah dey.


  2. yes well now you know i’m a skinny tiger with no arms.

    nadnut: yes. i prefer much chubbier tigers. go gain some weight.


  3. hey….new kind of comments reply. sorry been so busy never hop over to read. so I now doing 1 shot! super cute comic, i wanted to try but my mind’s a blank on the plot…

    nadnut: no worries!!!!!!!!! go try out the comic! uber cute!


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