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After 13 years, I’m back to contacts. I stopped using them back when I was 12 because my eyes are extremely sensitive. (‘m not sure but I guess I was using hard lens?) So far so good with the current pair. Any brands to recommend? I still prefer my natural eye colour but having some change once in a while is fun!

Baby boy loves my new Puma shoes.

Check out my nails! Torally matching to my shoes. Nails done at Milly’s of course. 😉 More Puma news coming soon… reallly soon!

A fellow barfly, Thiang emcee-ed at a Soyjoy roadshow recently!

Celebrated Jerrick’s 21st bday recently. The theme was flowers and I totally followed the theme with my flower skirt, flower belt, flower earrings, flower hairtie and flower bag.

CCB picked me up and we went for Cold Rock at Holland V after the party. I absolutely adore Cold Rock. My only complain? I never seem to get those lovely swing seats. Grr.

Derrick invites us Bthon peeps to his house for a beer guzzling and potluck party. He also shared with us some tips on how to brew your own beer. Hillary blogged about it here!

More updates soon!

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  1. For lenses you have to try the O2OPTIXTM Breathable Lenses from Ciba Vision. A recent research (was in the papers too) showed that contact will cause premature aging of the cornea due to lack of oxygen. So finding lenses with high oxygen is important.

    Pretty pretty also must healthy healthy mah!


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