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The shopaholic strikes once again!

I promised a girlfriend that I would show her pictures of my shoes that I bought from Japan and here goes!

I call these the killers. Because it’s a b*tch to walk in them but they are sooooo pretty! Extremely high with a nice touch of shocking pink! This was the first pair of shoes I bought. Got them at Tokyo. Extremely pricey though.

I love jelly pumps because they are very comfortable and this pair combines both comfort with style. I love the lace details. Got them at Tokyo too.

Am impulse buy. I found the bluewhite stripes + anchor motif really cute and grabbed them. Not really value for money though. My first Osaka buy!

I am extremely obsessed with booties. What attracted me to this pair was the shoelaces bit and the chunky heels. Another pricey pair. Got them at Osaka!

I like this funky pair of shoes/heels, (what are they called?!) Quirky with a cute kitten heel. Just wondering what I should pair them with. Any suggestions? Got them at Osaka too!

My favourite buy! I love these sneaker heels. Really cute! It’s rare for me to get something green as I usually avoid that colour (I do wear green but that’s like once in a blue moon) but the hot pink details just had my name on it. I’m a sucker for hot pink. Bought these with the pair above at the same shop in Osaka.

I call these my barbie wedges. I love wedges and the pink doily details were really cute. Quite a good buy! Got it for <S$20! Another Osaka buy.

I bought this pair, the pair above and the pair below at the same shop. <S$20 too! Thinking of what to match it with though….

One of my best buys too. <$20. If I’m correct, shops at FEP are selling these at twice the price I paid!

I bought like 9 pairs of shoes from Japan and lugging them back was HORRENDOUS! I didn’t buy much clothes though as I find the clothes there similar to what I can find in SG or BKK. To me, the best place to buy shoes is in Osaka! I really went mad there. If you have any suggestions to what I can match those shoes to, do leave me a comment!

I can’t wait to travel again! Am thinking of another shopping trip. Hmmmm. Hopefully soon!

Aside from that, 2 days ago was my 28th day of my cycle and this is usually when I would get a few pimples and prickly heats so I decided to visit Milly’s for a facial.

Barefaced nadnut after the facial. The facial was good and cheap!

This was what I went for. The mask was really very comfortable and I have lesser blackheads after the extraction now. Woooot!

So girls, to prevent having a spotty complexion (due to our mad hormones nearing the end of our cycle), go for a facial! Plus having someone to pamper your skin is always a great treat!

13 thoughts on “The shopaholic strikes once again!”

  1. I’d buy more shoes if I could find space to keep them. Right now, my shoe rack is overflowing. I need to buy a new shoe *cabinet* or build a walk-in shoe closet before i can consider getting any more. 🙁

    Love the ones you chose!


  2. I want them sneaker heels!! Wanted to get a pair from Sole Lovers last time, but the heel was way too stiletto for my liking. Easy to break under my weight leh. :p


  3. Sqqueeeeeeeallll!
    I love them all!!!!

    You could try pairing the funky shoes/heels(don’t know what they’re called too) with stockings + cute shorts.
    I sometimes pair my converses up with black stockings, cute shorts and a shirt+vest (:


  4. Hey, I love the last 2 pairs of shoes and have been eyeing them for the longest time.

    However, I’m quite short and have fat calves, no offense but you have similar problems. How do you get around these strappy shoes? How to match them so that our legs don’t look stumpy?

    The fashion bibles all say ankle straps cuts off short legs… =(

    Show pictures after you’ve matched?


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