.random thoughts.

  1. paper in 7 days. havent started studying.
  2. why are they so damn sadistic? paper from 10am – 12noon, classes from 2pm – 9pm.
  3. should i get a lomo or not?
  4. the boy returns in 12 days.
  5. i am so confused, what shoud i do?
  6. should i stay in baiyoke sky or grand diamond?
  7. i need a new laptop 🙁
  8. should i colour my hair?
  9. damn i finished the whole bottle of nutella. no wonder im gaining weight!
  10. i wanna eat at sakae sushi!
  11. can u use ur leave to offset your notice period?
  12. wow, i havent drank in 3 months. amazing.
  13. anyone knows of any good detox programs?
  14. i need to go for a hair treatment man.
  15. why is the consumer behaviour textbook so thick?! i feel lazy to start.
  16. i need to start jogging again. im packing the pounds.
  17. i cant stand sarcastic people and showoff people. *cough u know who cough*
  18. anyone wants to watch kungfu mahjong 3?
  19. why is everyone leaving for australia? 🙁
  20. buffet lunch next sunday. fat fat fat!
  21. congrats weekee and eve!!!
  22. damn! one of the pieces of the keyboard just came out, and i cant fix it. -__-“
  23. im lemming for a pair of levis ladies jeans now… reeeeeen.
  24. where can i find the necklace carrie wears in sex and the city?
  25. does anyone notice my banner changes? 🙁
  26. a call from koala-land perks up my day. lap cheong!
  27. what the heck does chong ah wants for her bdae?! she was supposed to come out with her wishlist! lol
  28. i wanna eat at hongkong cafe!!!
  29. i saw louis khoooooooooooooooooo today!
  30. why he tmd dao?!
  31. he is sooooo black but sooooo handsome!
  32. why no rain?!
  33. should i buy a mini tripod?
  34. my ankles hurt, i need a massage.
  35. where the hell did i put the massage voucher that barffie helped me buy?!
  36. will the boyboy bring back potato chips for me?
  37. damn, i better start on my textbook soon.
  38. damn. i should have bought two bottles of nutella instead.
  39. i feel like eating katsu curry. 🙁
  40. online shopping is evurrrrrl!
  41. war & beauty damn nice leh.
  42. botak jones next tuesday! wooot! its official, im fat.
  43. hee i thought the meeting today would be awkward, but i think it turned out quite well. 🙂 i want laptop!!!!! =D
  44. im turning 23 soon. damn! that’s fast!
  45. damn! im getting ollllllllld! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  46. australia!!! i wanna go!!! will i be able to?
  47. i wanna seee snooooooww!
  48. should i go genting?
  49. would i be able to apply for leave?
  50. i wanna go safra yishun!
  51. im hungrrrrry!!!! i feel like having dimsum!
  52. would anyone be free to go for supper?
  53. where the hell are my glasses?!
  54. damn! who finished all the kimchi in the fridge?!
  55. would it be weird that tiger is finally coming back?
  56. aiyoh, must paktor again wor. $$$
  57. i need a new earrings stand.
  58. work has been crazy!!!
  59. i wonder if the situation in bangkok would be better..
  60. should i change my money here or there?
  61. HUNGRY!!!!! should i make maggi?
  62. how the hell do some people study everyday?! i cant even study now!
  63. maybe thats the reason i cant make to local unis… >.<
  64. what mods should i take next sem?
  65. would i be able to save up the amt for curtin?
  66. gosh. uwa costs 42k and curtin costs half that amount. so it costs an additonal 21k because its in the group of 8?!
  67. 21k!!! crazy shit.
  68. shit. i better start studying.
  69. i feel like sleeping… zZzZzz

11 thoughts on “.random thoughts.”

  1. 11. yesh definitely.

    59. bangkok seemed safe enough when I went over.

    60. rate will be better over here on a same-time comparison.


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