uber suay…

when marimba rhythms start to play,
dance with me, make me sway…
like a lazy ocean hugs the shore,
hold me close, sway me more…

if you’re wondering why there is a pic of me sulking, (aside from the fact i really need a haircut), heres why.. welcome to the world of nadnut’s whines and groans… *drum rolls*

previously my school had released the tentative dates for final papers and the date was after chinese new year.. to be exact 22nd – 27th february. and my classes ends on 5th feb. which leaves me ample time to mug.

today during class, the lecturer announced the date and time of our paper..

*drum rolls*

12th feb 7pm…

NNBCCB!!! (translated: NO NO BUT CANT!!! *CRIES* BUT!!!!) i’ll be in bangkok during then and will only be back around midnight.. -_-”

SUAY! anyway i have spoken to the course coordinator about my situation. she mentioned that i ‘should‘ be able to take a deferred exam however subject to approval.


irritated. lets hope things works out. the most i’ll pay extra and fly back earlier lor. 🙁 🙁 🙁

time to mug, wont be updating till midsems is over. wish me luck. i’ll need it.

5 days till midsems…
8 chapters to go…
9 days till tiger is back.
16 days to my 23rd

time is running out!

8 thoughts on “uber suay…”

  1. Karin is right… you will do FINE, and all will be well. Try not to worry about it at all. And keep us posted as to the outcome, though… I’ll be pulling for you.

    (Your hair looks wonderful, BTW…)


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