what am i thinking of?

emo me strikes again. pls skip this if you cant stand the whining/complaining post.

whatever possessed me to think that i can handle studying part time while working full time? deadlines, assignments, tests and all. it suddenly strucked me that i only have a full month holidays for the whole year and the rest of the 48 weeks will be me chasing deadlines, exams, projects and all.

its just the 2nd semester but i feel tired. im too tired to concentrate fully in class after a whole day at work. intensive weekends (classes from 2pm – 9pm on saturdays and 10am – 5pm on sundays) sucks the life out of me. leave taken for chasing deadlines, exams and all.

i feel so bad to neglect tiger these few weeks. the only time i met him was for phantom and i went back home right after that. and this week will be another busy week.

no wonder most of my friends are studying full time and working part time.

anyway the crazy weeks are over. for now. the killer individual assignment for market research is over and done with. presentation for asian management seminar is over today.

that leaves focus groups, one on one interview, surveys, spss idiotic software, and the killer 60 – 80 page report for market research to be handed up in 5 weeks time.

another research and presentation for asian management seminar in 3.5 weeks time.

another killer report for asian management seminar in 5 weeks time.

killer intensive week on 5 & 6th may. (sat = 2pm – 9pm, sun = 10am – 5pm)

so much to do. so much to do. so much to do. all these with a full time job. can i do it? i better do it. its make it or break it.

argh. *reminds self: i have 2 yrs of this to go thru*. JIA YOU! I WILL DO IT! (or die trying)

12 thoughts on “what am i thinking of?”

  1. hey nad.
    it isn’t easy…but since you’ve stepped into it, hang on!!!

    it’s two years of pain for a lifetime worth of benefits.


  2. Those were the days…but when you look back after 2 years, you’ll ask, “wow, I did all these?” U might even crave for it again!

    Meanwhile, just hang on there!!!


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