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#project1314: Choosing your bridesmaids

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, there IS a strategy in choosing your bridesmaids. At least to me! Do take note, this is of course MY opinion. I have instances where there are well, friends acquaintances who tend to talk down disagree force their opinions share their thoughts about what they think is right or acceptable.

Most importantly should be the wedding couple thoughts right?! Apparently not to these people. If it were my closer pals or family, I’ll understand. Well, to those who are planning your wedding, do take note of these aspects. There ARE people who think their opinion is better than yours.

Don’t read further if you are the sort that can’t stand ANY vulgarity.

Well, fuck them. Not as if it’s their wedding, or that they are paying or EVEN attending the wedding. Yes, I said it. Fuck them. Well, to be exact, fuck care the chibaikias. (Sorry that I’m getting very vulgar but sibeh tulan over these “well meaning individuals”.)

Okay, back to where I was. There is a strategy in choosing your bridesmaids/groomsmen.

You can choose the people you are close to, if they all belong in the perfect number of bridesmaids that you are looking at, VOILA, your job is done!

However if they don’t and if you have to mix a few groups of people, it can get a bit tricky. If they are outgoing, not shy and warm up fast, it would be fine however if they are shy, can’t “gel” well, erm, it might not bode so well.

I was a bridesmaids previously before and the bride chose 2 groups of friends for her bridesmaids. While nothing major happened, the synergy wasn’t there. In the end, we really worked as 2 groups.

For c(hubby) and I, we were BIG on group dynamics. Like really really BIG on that. We think carefully about gatherings, travels etc.

So we discussed and made certain choices.

I chose my bridesmaids on these criteria:

  1. Sociable
  2. Fun going
  3. Knew each other
  4. Willing to work
  5. Knew how to have fun

While Esther and Elaine did not exactly know know each other, it was easier for them to gel as we were bloggers and there were a few occasions to meet. (Which was why I organised the staycation and bridal spa party)

In a certain extent, there were all from the same “clique”.

Esther, Fidel and Jace have been my #mysterymakan pals for years now. I got closer to both Elaine and Carrie through our fitness escapades. And voila! My blogger bridesmaids!

Also of course, choose people who you knew would help and work lah. I knew my gals would get down and dirty for me. (AND BOY DO I MEAN DIRTY), I had the experienced Elaine, the arty farty Esther, Jace and Fidel and the hotel guru Carrie.

Seriously, it was a blessing choosing these girls. They all helped me in many many ways and I was glad to have them.

Personally to me, there were no awkward moments amongst the girls themselves. But of course, I was too busy that day to know. Were there ladies?!

And there you go! nadnut’s two cents on choosing your bridesmaids! What are your criteria in choosing bridesmaids? Do share them with me!

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