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Pink Parlour’s Derma Refiner Facial

I’ve always been interested in checking out Pink Parlour due to its really cute decor and when my friend Sheena told me all about her experience after one of her many facials at Pink Parlour, I decided to check it out for myself.

Pink Parlour has two outlets, one at Liang Court and the other at Marina Square. As I was around the north east area, I decided to check out the Liang Court outlet.

Check out Pink Parlour’s about me info! Really cute!

Women are like kittens. Pampered, well-groomed and contented. At Pink Parlour, we work to satisfy the kitten in you. When you feel a little ruffled by the constant catfights in this world, retreat to our chill-out room where you can restore your sanity. Pink Parlour will leave you purring to your heart’s content.

The decor of the shop  is just like its really cute and adorable logo, chic and cute. Here are some pictures of the place.

While my friend Sheena decided to opt for a Princess Manicure (priced at $28), I decided to treat my super neglected face to the newest facial, the Derma Refiner Facial (priced at $98) which helps to promote skin rejuvenation, reduce pore size, scarring and pigmentation. The facial also includes a back massage, eye & neck treatment and masks.

The experience.

My beauty therapist Wendy first scrubbed my feet with a salt sea scrub. I was confused to why I was given a scrub but I decided to keep quiet and enjoy it anyway. I was then ushered to a delightful pink room that I’m sure Xiaxue and other pink fanatics would gush about and was given a cute terry cloth like gown to change into.

Wendy did a quick analysis of my skin condition and advised me to take proper care of my face. While I was blessed with a clear complexion, my skin was suffering from dehydration and there were a few freckles on my face. I must remember to use moisturiser and sunscreen often aside from going for facials once in a while.

While Wendy cleansed my skin and applied other very soothing creams on my face, she asked if I would like to have my eyebrows waxed.

Me, being a waxing virgin was feeling a bit skeptical but decided to go for it. It was surprisingly almost painless. There was a slight pain but it was gone almost immediately.

While Wendy used her magic hands on me, I found out (from nonstop questioning. Aiyah, kaypoh mah!) that one of the core ingredients in the Derma Refiner Facial is the Perfection Peptide P3, which enables an exceptionally gentle yet deep-reaching peeling without damaging the skin. It reaches significantly deeper than conventional mechanical and biological peelings and accelerates the skin’s own exfoliation process in the outermost layers of the epidermis. Apparently the facial is almost equivalent to a chemical peel, just that you have to come in for 4 sessions (once weekly) to see the same results as a chemical peel.

Another active ingredient in the Skin Refiner Facial is Queen of the Prairie (medicinal plant Spirea Ulmaria). The extract contains a high concentration salicylaldehyde and free salicylic acid, thereby ensuring a better flow of the skin. It regenerates and refines the pores & surface of the skin, creating a flawless, porcelain-like complexion, which is smooth and even.

The whole session took about more than an hour and it was soothing and comfortable and I could see the results immediately. My nose was not as congested and the pores were significantly reduced. The whole experience was good and after chit chatting with Wendy, I decided to try out Brazilian waxing soon. *gulps* Am kinda afraid still but I decided to try it once and for all! (That is if I don’t chicken out. :P)

Do check out Pink Parlour and let me know how your experience goes! And if you’ve done brazilian, do leave me a tip or two about your experience pls!

Pink Parlour
177 River Valley Road #B1-06A
Liang Court Shopping Centre S(179030)
(t) 6 100 7465

4 thoughts on “Pink Parlour’s Derma Refiner Facial”

  1. Hi, just thought of sharing my experience at Pink Parlour. As many voted Pink Parlour’s brazilian waxing as one of the least painful, my friends and i decided to give it a shot sometime last year.

    As it was my first time so i was rather shy and uneasy in the beginning. But the staff are friendly so all was fine once I started asking questions about brazilian waxing and the staff shared her own experience.

    While i just had another brazilian wax somewhere else few days back, i made a comparison – the pain factor. I would Pink Parlour is really good for its brazilian wax! Not as painful as my recent experience 🙂


  2. I remember I was umcomfy the first time i had my brazilian wax in some shop in was horrible but when i tried it at Strip, it was not as bad…the pain is there but it’s bearable…just remember pee before the wax and don’t use “squat” toilet bowls…


  3. Pink Parlour wins hands down for brazillian! I go there monthly,and defo not as painful as strip waxng. They’re super hygienic and friendly. Trust me, once uve started, u’ll b hooked!


  4. Went for my 1st brazilian waxing session at Marina Square’s Pink Parlour today. The therapist was friendly and nice, chatting with me constantly (as a form of distraction to lessen the pain). Overall, it is a relaxing experience. A brazilian waxing convert! 🙂


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