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some belated pics.

a few weeks ago, i had dinner with my best guy friend. mrkennychan!

this bugger came back for hols. bah. miss him so much. we used to hang out quite often. infact everyweek (last time la) we would go club or makan at some random place or go out for a movie. i miss those times. especially those escapades to the beach where he’ll bring some booze and we’ll just drink and gaze at the stars and talk cock. come back soon!

outfit of the day. bought from batam. dirt cheap!

i’m a happy girl cause i get to meet someone special! 🙂

the poor fella had a case of stomach flu and even though i “chased” him to go back to rest, he refused to. in the end he only had a soup at the soup restaurant while poor me had to finish all the chicken. one bloody big dish leh. *burp*

he’s trying to act slim. doesnt this remind you of the farewell dinner pic i had with him? 🙂

we met up in perth. updates of perth will come at a later date. 🙂

a few days later, tiger and i watched dimsum dollies. after hearing colin and chong raving about all the dimsum dollies shows they watched, we decided to catch it this time.

outfit of the day. im trying to wear more colours now. lol. bright red!

pic with the cast. i loved the show! hilarious! must watch! i’ll definitely watch them next year and the year after that and so on! hossan was hilarious as usual.

tiger and i headed for some supper at glutton’s bay. (is that what it’s called?) we even bumped into an old polymate after the show. bumped into my senior herbert. it’s always great catching up with old schoolmates and catching up. 🙂

my belly is as big as his.

some shiokadoodoo hokkien mee. but i still think bedok’s is way nicer. lol.

an entry with my 2 most favourite guys. thebeanmaster is missing though. shemmy! when are we having our meatloving?!

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