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Touched by a stranger.

Not literally, of course.

What happened today was… I was riding as a pillion on my friend’s bike and I was carrying a few bulky items, one being my huge bag and another being a paper bag. As we were riding, one of my paperbag contents fell and my friend helped picked it up (it was then a red light). I was adjusting the paperbag on my arm when my friend ride off and in that moment, I accidentally dropped my paperbag. (Yes, I was damn clumsy. :/ It was the first time I have ever done so. I guess I was a bit flustered over the picking of items earlier.)

As the traffic light had already turned green, we couldn’t pick  up the paperbag and my friend had to drive off. We then made a u-turn to try to locate the items and pick them up. In my mind, I was thinking that the items were gone… either someone had drove over it. Surprisingly I couldn’t find the bag and I was thinking probably someone had picked it up and took it. I was kind of resigned to losing the items and told my friend to drive off. Howeve, when we made a last u-turn to double check, I noticed a rider signalling to us. It turned out that the rider had picked up my paperbag and was trying to find us to return it back to me.

This was a perfect stranger. He need not had made the effort to even bother to pick the items up or return to us. He could have just ride off but yet he didn’t.

I was simply touched by his kindness and I didn’t manage to really thank him properly. (He did look a bit shy and was in a rush…) I had never expected anyone to do such a thing and till now, I still feel amazed by his actions and thankful for his help.

Thank you. 🙂

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