things that pisses me off.

somebody told me once she doesnt visit a certain website. i think a phantom had entered a url in her computer then for when i entered the said url then, it prompted the url. doesnt that indicate that the website has been visited previously? don’t take me for an idiot.

i wonder how some people can bitch about someone 24/7 and then act all pally with them?

i’m amazed how some people love to poke fun at other people’s races and religions. does being chinese makes you superior?

it’s interesting how some people trivialise relationships. i seriously don’t get it at all.

i seriously dont give a flying fuck to people who cant be bothered to talk things out and go all crazy, shouting on msn and all and blaming me saying i have a problem and being a trouble maker. hey, wtf, look who has the problem now? apparently someone loves caps lock that day.

people who cant be bothered. sending your bf to send me a sms to ask me to talk to you, wow, good job done.*claps*

people who try to act as if they’re my bff. hello! stop asking me out every god damn day.

how tiger chooses his games over me. hello, i need a new boyfriend pls.

dont tell me you value our friendship when you’re not doing anything and blaming me when i actually bother to try. hit the last straw and i wont hesitate to erase you. have done so many times with others. what more with a mere acquintance?

wasting a whole god damn day doing nothing. i rather waste MY day doing MY kind of nothing than yours. pls dont waste my time.

of how some people only look for you when they need you.

how some people choose to assume something of me without bothering to check with me. if you choose to assume so, i’ll make it come true then.

of how disorganised some people can be. hello! time = $.


6 thoughts on “things that pisses me off.”

  1. wah why u so angsty today! hope u wake up a happier girl tmr 🙂

    and i hate ppl who discriminate other races n religions too!! super cannot tahan!! i will just tell them off to their face, n walk away.



  2. Haha so much angst around today… so much so that I drafted a 20 lessons post I dedicated to myself today. That’s what blogging is great for. Blog about it, take a chill pill and it’s another day. 🙂


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