nadnut’s bouts of insanity.

i was reading my archives recently. reflecting on the past. was i really that miserable then? did i really drank that much then?


totally gone nad. zzzz.

its time to reflect and remember the crazy (and embarrassing) things i did when i was drunk. hohoho. and most of the time i was with mrkennychan. my then chauffeur. what does a best friend have to do? read below. =P

  1. mrkennychan holding up my hair when i was puking in the bushes
  2. i nearly pulled airhole’s gearstick (is that what its called) when he was driving
  3. random acts of biting
  4. random acts of scratching
  5. erm. kissing random stranger.
  6. erm. kissing friend. (PAISEH)
  7. falling down from seat
  8. rejected to re-enter zouk. couldnt walk straight line
  9. got high so bad, i fell asleep outside wala on mrkennychan’s lap. i was too heavy (fatso lah), he couldnt carry me. so he left me there. sleeping. till an hour later?
  10. random acts of crazy dancing
  11. dirty dancing with female friends. (oh wait. i dont need to get drunk to do that.)
  12. many more that i cant remember….

crazy nad. super flushed with gummy smile. lol.

gosh. im such a horrible drunk. if i get emodrunk, ill be crying the whole time. many of the barflies and close friends have seen tat side of me. so malu! if i get hyperdrunk, be afraid. very afraid. there’s no telling what i’ll do.

gosh. how are you like when you’re drunk/high?

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