GV Tampines cinemas are horrifyingly dirty!

I just got back home from watching the movie 12 Lotus at GV Tampines and I really feel the need to sanitize my whole body with dettol like immediately. Why so? No no no, there was nothing wrong with the movie nor did I feel dirty after watching that horrible gang rape scene.

What was wrong?

When I entered the cinema, I noticed that there were papers, popcorn and other rubbish all over. This was a big surprise to me as I have always been a big fan of GV cinemas and had never seen such a dirty GV cinema before.

It was even dirtier than Princess Bedok which is not known for its cleanliness.

My mum dropped something and as she reached below her seat to pick it up, she came into contact with something slimey and yucky. I took a peek and got a shock, lots of rubbish were under our seats, empty boxes, tissues, wrappers, popcorns and some suspiciously sticky liquid.

Needless to say, I felt really dirty and disgusted. I wonder if it was just one of their “off” days or is this the current standard everywhere?


5 thoughts on “GV Tampines cinemas are horrifyingly dirty!”

  1. i think it’s not that the cinema’s cleanliness standards are dropping, but that cinema-goers are getting more and more irresponsbile.

    i was at The Cathay the other day watching wall-e and i saw the same popcorn-covered floors. and i always felt Cathay cinemas were cleaner.

    but yeah. there really are some cinemas that i don’t go to anymore. e.g. lido (really damn gross) and some other older cinemas.


  2. xizor2000: But it’s really downright disgusting!

    Daphne Maia: I never understood why some people would throw popcorn at each other. Food is to be eaten and not played with. tsk tsk.

    Ginl: Yeah! Very disgusting!


  3. Yaps, I’ve had the experience before. But I guess you can’t really blame them because there are really some irresponsible movie goers, who throws popcorns/other litters everywhere around. And the cleaners can’t possibly go around finding every single piece of litter. But based on the picture that you took, I think it is considered simple too much for those people who did that.


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