a tale of two dogs.

Sawn and Dandra were head biatches in the corporate communication of canines department. they loved to b*tch about everyone and everything however they would act all sweet and nice infront of them.

but to those who worked with them, in the same department or the sister departments, they showed their true colours. it was scary watching them. every single moment with them, they would be b*tching about someone and when they meet the people the next moment, they would act all friendly with them. everyone who worked with them quitted after some time, none could stand their working styles.

their tongues were sharp, super sharp and they put down everyone. their people and sister departments would work like hell for them while they would disappear and be uncontactable. for what reason? they would be shopping. yes, everytime there’s an event, they would disappear and shop. is there pr things to do in shops like zara and mango?

soon after Sawn and Dandra’s department and their sister department split, they showed their true colours. they started becoming mean and b*tching about them and they were jealous when their intern were close to them. see how petty these people are? oh wait, being friends is considered as betrayal to them? and yes, immature Sawn acted bitchily to the poor intern and made her suffer. thankfully her misery had ended. do you know how much she has suffered? those canines have caused her so much misery and from the cheerful happy go lucky girl she was, she’s so much more depressed now. infact everybody who works with them seems to be depressed.

Dandra is old enough to be my mother and Sawn is probably close to 10 years older than me? and yet they behave like those biatches in the movie Mean Girls always scheming and backstabbing others.

it’s a pity nobody else sees their true colours…. instead of doing corp comms, they should consider a career in acting instead.

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