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nadnut checks out Noise Singapore!


I was invited by Nuffnang and the National Arts Council to check out Noise Singapore last week! Do you guys know what Noise Singapore is all about?

Noise Singapore, an initiative of the National Arts Council is Singapore’s youth arts festival. It’s dedicated to creating noise about the creative talents of youths (below the age of 35) in the fields of Arts & Design, Music and Photography. Noise Singapore is all about discovering and unearthing new talents from youths and helping them by giving them exposure and skills. I went with Shavvn to the festival and we were totally blown away by the exhibition.

Here are some pictures of my two favourite categories!

Arts & Design section

This piece is my personal favourite.


I love black and white pictures. I feel that black and white pictures tell a better “story” as compared to coloured ones.

Aside from these, I totally love the merchandise store!

There are lots of lovely merchandise up for sale!

Noise not only showcases the talented and creative youths, they also encourage young people to continue their interest in arts be it by taking photos, sketching, writing music or even by design or illustrations.

They have this little corner where you could design a coaster or just colour some ready made designs.

After doing so, you can put up the coasters in this little showcase corner. Spot some nuffnanger’s artworks!

I really enjoyed myself at Noise Singapore! You should totally check it out too!

If you would like to check out Noise Singapore Festival Showcase, head down to Raffles City Shopping Centre. It’ll be there till 10 March. Admission is free! For more details, check out!

There are other fun Noise activities like Noise Talks and Noise Concerts @ The Esplanade!

Noise Talks is a very inspirational conference where impressive speakers like breakout music artist Zee Avi, award-winning design editor Kelley Cheng and Managing Partner/Creative Strategist of Sunshine/M&C Saatchi Rob Campbell will speak!

If you prefer grooving to good music, you gotta check out Noise Concerts @ The Esplanade on the evenings of 5 to 7 March (they’re free!). The best musical talents from Noise Singapore 2010 will be performing!

For more details, check out!

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