today, overslept!

was supposed to go school and help out mira with some stuff but i totally overslept… -__-“

2 tired i guess… went to ndp training… very blur over all de formations… guess wat? they decided to have another session on saturday and am giving excuse letters to those who have work and lessons..

-_-” . i dun understand why they have 2 hour training sessions. why dun they extend de sessions? anyway, i have someting on saturday and im not willing to cancel it for a last minute practice.

not tat i cant cancel wateva im having but i dun want to.

why? coz de sessions can be extended. like for instance today’s session can be extended by an hour or sunday’s session (sunday’s session starts @ 3 i tink)…

i sense a lot of internal conflict. oh well. not my problem.

aside from ndp dance (i regret joining dance with all de screw ups), had fun time with de motivators. i formed a MINAH group. hahha. we damn noisy!

bullied alvin neo all de way. hahha! then hanwei said tat im good, all alvins treat me well… hahaha.

hmmm. not all alvins treat me well. haha. onlie ting! 🙂

dun reallie feel good. had slight fever yesterday and still down with de throat infection (tonsilitis, wats new?), cold… no more fever. but lost appetite, wasted a lot of food. sighz.

week zero pics are here! gonna post them up soon… miss my sLs, hLs, freshies, gLs and BSC!

prepared jelly for a pot luck party tomolo! i betta be feeling betta to go!


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