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my current wishlist.

the event has ended and i took leave today. i have numerous papercuts, bruises and all. i have at least 12 blue blacks on my legs. broken nails, blisters, super bad muscle aches.

proof of abuse (pls excuse the fat porky legs):

current wishlist.

12 hours of sleep at a go done!

– foot reflexology

– full body massage

pedicuredone! classic pedicure + nail mask = $47 poorer. 🙁

any recommendations for foot reflexology and full body massage at a reasonable price?

one headache gone. now 2 more to go! the projects seems to be back to back. yikes! and i havent even started on any of them. 🙁

3 thoughts on “my current wishlist.”

  1. u can try house of javanese massage.. i think they have a website so you can check out the prices and their services!

    take care.. hugs


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