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bangkok birthday trip!

i know i know… i’ve been bugged to update. due to lack of time (and laziness) i’ll be periodically updating this entry… so check back for more updates…

most of the times when i travel, i usually stay at really budget places e.g. backpacker’s hotels or hostel, but this time, we decided to splurge. mainly because of a few reasons.

  1. recent bangkok’s “happenings”, bombs in hotels and all.
  2. its my birthday leh! *sulks*
  3. erm, working already mah. so got $ to spend. muahahahahaa.

we decided to get a really nice hotel… the grand diamond hotel. it amounted to about $550 for 4 nights?

me standing outside the hotel. i realllly liked my tshirt. it says my boyfriend and my another boyfriend pointing at both sides. nice to wear it while walking inbetween tiger and thebeanmaster. heh.

check out the hugeeee picture of the king… o.O

pics of the room.

we made the reservations under ‘honeymoon’ because kiasu me read from some other websites that when they placed it under ‘honeymoon’, the hotel gave them a bottle of wine. hahahahha

but hor… we only got a fruit platter, a cake (which thebeanmaster gobbled up) and rose petals in the shape of a heart on the bed.

the place had a microwave oven, a super big fridge, a dining area, mini kitchenette, a big room and the washroom had a bathtub and a separate shower stall. woahhhhhhh. and the hotel had a 888 number right at the entrance. HUAT AH!

tiger brought me to vertigo for my birthday dinner. a VERY expensive place (considering the cheap prices in bangkok) but it was a wonderful experience. we were debating over sirocco and vertigo and he chose vertigo. (and later we found out sirocco was cheaper. LOL!)

it was located at the banyan tree bangkok on the 61st floor however the lift only went up to the 59th floor and we had to climb up 2 flights of stairs.

check out the view from our table.

me! i felt really pampered that day. this has to be the best dinner experience ever even beating mortons. the service is excellent. they treated us like royalty.

the view opposite. i cant imagine what would happen if it had started raining. thank god we made reservations for vertigo for the place was packed!

they served us complimentary starters and dessert.

doesnt everything just look oh so romantic?

they served us mussels in a cute shotglass. im not a fan of mussels (or any kind of shellfish for that matter) but it tasted ok. heh.

yes me again. retro nad with the lighting.

thankfully tiger and i decided to share a starter for the caesar salad with chicken strips was enormous. but gooooooood.

it tasted as good as it looks. yum

tiger ordered the pork loin (i think) while i ordered the steak (DUH… birthday girl must have her steak.).

tiger’s porkloins.

my orgasmic steak. i didnt fancy the mushroom thingys but the steak was goooood.

the beautiful view once again.

we had originally ordered icecream and sorbet for dessert but we were too full to stomach anything else. thus we cancelled dessert. however they sent over a small scoop of strawberry sorbet, complimentary once again. it was absolutely delish!!! im a big fan of sorbet (prefer sorbet than icecream) and this has to be the best sorbet i have ever tasted.

ooooh. we can see the ferris wheel located at suan lum night market! the bill came up to close to 4000 baht. ouch.

what i wore that day. argh my hair looks weird. i need a new look!

next day we had a lovely breakfast at the hotel. maybe because i always stay at budget places, i was quite surprised at the buffet spread the next day.

as usual, here are the pics.

a lovely flower arrangement at the table.

a not so lovely nadnut. check out the tummy!!!

looks like thebeanmaster isnt a morning person too…

i wonder who would actually swim in plain sight of everyone having breakfast… thank god no norbits were around else i wouldnt be able to eat.

what we ate. i am a boring person. i only go for bacon, omelette, siew mai and ha kao. yes, all 4 times.

yes. i am more cheerful after getting my bacon.

the buffet spread… yum yum. i miss the buffeeeeeeet!!!!!

we went mad over dunkin’ donuts. yummmmm. i love bavarian!

i was sooooo pissed off there. you know usually they’ll have this little bbq on the roads? i couldnt find crabstick anywhere! argh.

in the end, we only found it at platinum shopping mall. thats it. sad sia.

mbk centre. the place for 199baht bags, manicures and eyelash extensions.

the tshirt i was telling you guys about. πŸ˜‰

a grouchy white persian we saw while walking to mbk. i stopped everyone and dragged them into the spectacle shop. sent thebeanmaster to make queries on specs while i played with the pussy. so cute!

tiger’s fave place. swensens! got dragged there twice. he loves icecream and its cheap there! apparently thailand was having some strawberry season then and there were strawberry promo everywhere!

we tried out this hotplate place in mbk. i think its called bar-b-q place? not too sure.

its like a mini steamboat cum hotplate (think of seoul garden or marina south). check out the last pic, the noodles are cooked in the stock below while the meat is on the hotplate area. difference is… they do not use butter. they use lard! eck. but food was good. well, the bacon and the beef was. wasnt a fan of seafood on hotplate so i didnt touch the rest.

thebeanmaster flashing his dimple again. grrr. i want!

minimal makeup, with freshly manicured nails and eyelash extensions. i lost that lovely ring! πŸ™

remember i mentioned about us saying we’re on honeymoon? (i wanted free champagne damnit!) and they gave us a cake where we donated to thebeanmaster. here’s the pic… stop laughing!

thebeanmaster wanted to bring us to sukhumvit for some korean food. but the prices there were bloody ex! crazy!

how do you pronounce the underlined words? i pronounce it as sook-hum-vit while thebeanmaster said it was suck-on-it. imagine the tuktuk driver’s reaction when thebeanmaster told him he wants to go suck on it! hohoho.

i was surprised when the guys have never heard about khaosan area so i brought them there! mini stalls, massages, to die for banana prata and all. i adore the place.

here’s khaosan road. lotsa farangs!

donald trump’s rice. you’re fired! hohoho. one of the many roadside stalls selling food.

we stopped for some food. starving! one blackmail worthy picture of thebeanmaster πŸ˜›

hohoho. wahhahaaaa i cant help laughing looking at this pic. πŸ˜›

and me. heh. goodbye dark hair. lol. πŸ˜› am thinking where to go for my next holiday. hmmmm

more updates soon! πŸ™‚ have you done the redbull meme yet? *pesters pesters pesters*

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10 thoughts on “bangkok birthday trip!”

  1. you added on to this post!! The breakfast buffet spread seems to have quite a variety of stuff and looks real nice too!! *droolz again.. * =P~


  2. hey. hopped here from livejournal.
    anyway, i went bangkok dec 06.
    and my aunt brought my sis and i to the davis hotel in bangkok.
    we stayed at the corner wing. not the main one.

    but it was BEAUTIFUL as well.
    but yours has the kitchen that’s WOW.

    click the website for the hotel link.
    ok actually i don’t really know how much my aunt & co. paid for it. cos they subsidised quite a big amount for sis & i.
    but anyway, its pretty much of luxury! πŸ˜€


  3. hey.
    wow looks like you had a great time in bkk to sat the least.

    your mini photo collages are really cute. mind sharing what program you use to create them?


  4. eh? i thought i read this liao? before the extensions? in any case..when u put the top there hor ‘let’s call the whole thing off’…

    were u talking about our meet-up this coming tuesday? * burst into tears*

    heheeheheh…..hope u fully recovered liao, dearie!


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