the familiar scent of a loved one…

you know sometimes you associate a certain scent with someone special?

i did and i still do. infact now that i’m thinking back, i realised that i have unconsciously bought that cologne for many people close to me. and yet when they use the cologne, it doesnt bring back the feeling i have as compared to him wearing it.

today, when i was walking back from school, i smelled it, that scent. i immediately looked around looking for him and yet i dread seeing him. i cant explain how the scent smelled different as compared to many a times the people around me using it. it just felt different to me. irrational i know.

do you get this way sometimes?


  1. me too!

    there’s this particular scent that an ex boyfriend used and i can only associate the scent to him but i never knew what brand it was. =D

    so whenever someone using it walks past me, i get reminded of him.


  2. primal instinct, i think.
    i also sometimes try to trace a familiar scent.

    pheromones that mixed with synthetic substances do leaves us heady and wanting for more.


  3. My ex? What does he smell like? Can’t remember. I am not a smell person leh.
    I remember Latte’s smell though…