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Virtual Insanity 3

Super belated post.

This year’s Virtual Insanity (halloween party organised by some people of the cowboybar) was held at one of the members of the cowboybar’s place (otherwise known as barflies).

It was a simple affair. Natsu, our resident cooking mama did some simple cooking, everybody brought a bottle of booze and we had fun just chitchatting and catching up on each others lives. Previously our VI parties were held at clubs/pubs and i guess though it was merrier, there werent many opportunities to really catch up and get to know each other better.

The day before, tiger and i rushed to carrefour to get some costumes. We both got kids costumes! lol. Pics coming up!

My outfit before the costume. White tube, black vest, black skinnies and white heels. Black and white apparels have always been a constant item in my wardrobe. Am trying to wear more colourful outfits now. 🙂 This outfit makes me look slim! Lol.

Brrr. I look fat from the back.

While putting on the costume.

The complete outfit! There’s even a mini horn and a trick and treat bag.

Here are some pics of the yummy food prepared!


Nuggets! Do you know that’s my nickname? My Ob sabah gang calls me nugget. lol.

Delish rendang that TK’s mum prepared.

Crabmeat + mushrooms. I LOVE THIS!

Japanese chicken. Another hot fave.

Fries. Simple and good.

Cocktail sausages with pineapple. <3

The interesting cocktail.

The spread.

Back to the costumes! Here’s a few interesting costumes!


She’s not a laundry bag!


Tiger and me. Pirate and Devil. hurhur.

The Grim Reaper is here!

I love this pic! Flying nadnut!

Vulgar Transformer?

Starmist and I doesnt like NaiveGuy.

Hi Five with Foot!

Lol! I tried on 9’s afro. R3gular reused his NPCC uniform. wah. bo jio!

The grim reaper wants me. zzz

I love this pic of starry and me.

Lol. Look at TK! Happily posing away!

Love the party. Thanks Natsu for organising! Thanks 9 for the pics! and thanks everyone for the company! 🙂

Last but not least, me! I miss my hair! My hairdresser chopped off a lot of my hair! *pulls fringe to grow longer*

More outings pls!!! BBQ? Booze party? Since there’s lots of booze left over. iWant Absolut Disco pls!!!!

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