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There has been quite a number of girly outings but I haven't had the time to pen it down... so...

Here's a condensed version!

1) Makan outing at Handburger with Jacelyn!

Before our makan outing, I went with BFF to Strip to get our brazilian waxing done! Am kinda considering Brazilian IPL. Has anyone gotten it done before?

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We shared a meal at Handburger as we weren't extremely hungry. BIG mistake. The food was good! I will be heading down again and I'll do a proper review this time!

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What happened was Sabrina had "choped" me a few days prior to my birthday. I had guessed something was up and I was right! :p

Well partially! Didn't anticipate the evening portion. Hurhur.

Sabrina and Cel had picked me up from my place in her lil snowflake. She had told me we were heading to Rider's Cafe. Imagine my surprise when we arrived elsewhere!

My outfit of the day: Dress and bag from TheBlogShop, wedges from Charles & Keith and belt from Bkk.

When we arrived, we parked beside a vintage Volkswagen Beetle (my dream car!). I thought that she arranged forĀ  me to drive a vintage beetle! My (hopeful) dreams were shattered when Sab said "wait long long".


And turned out, we were heading to Hatched instead! Ching Chong Boy and I had discussed about Hatched previously before while looking for brunch places and I was EGGcited!

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The girls and Boss (Jace's act shy but actually not so shy bf) planned a birthday celebration for Jacelyn.

What happened was that, Boss private messaged me on Facebook and asked to exchange contacts and discuss about the celebration. I asked Boss to even delete his sent and received messages on Facebook because I was scared he would kinda spoil the surprise like how I nearly spoilt Ching Chong Boy's surprise because of my own foolishness. Bah.

Since Boss had a Blackberry, we discussed on BBM instead and I roped fellow Blackberry user Esther in! heh!

The plan was supposed to meet at 7pm at Ma Maison at the Central. Boss was supposed to just go paktor with Jace and we would have our own plans. We girls would "standby" at Ma Maison and surprise the birthday girl!

(Because it wasn't her exact birthday, Jace didn't guess anything! :p)

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