the end of the projects, meetings and classes.

everything done and settled. no more classes for this sem. group projects done. no more meetings. and i’ll have somewhat of a mini break till the exams. in 2 weeks time.

i still cant believe i lost my thumbdrive. lost in between home to work. made reports everywhere and nothing found. gone for good. my precious. 🙁

had to do most of my work from scratch and i have no backup to previous reports submitted. very sucky.

all i wanna do is celebrate! have been feeling rather unpleased with a few matters. *shakes head*

aside from that, tiger helped me vet my engrishhhhhh and he said that the line i used ‘the notion of the fittest will survive rings true once again’ is very cliche.

cliche meh?! tmd he removed that line and used another. grrrr.

later! good company, sweet tiger and good food. and if it doesnt rain tomorrow, i might get a good tan! (i havent had a tan in ages. a year perhaps?)

hoo ray! goodbye and good riddance to projects! well, for this sem that is.

and oh. today marks the 2nd year anniversary of me in emco. wow. that’s long. for a jobhopper like me.

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