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Trying out MJ’s eyeliner.

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Here’s my current MJ stocks.

The sweet people from Shiseido has passed us Majolica Majorca Ambassadors the Majolook eyeshadow, Lashbone – mascara base, Lash Beautifying Mascara – the lengthening mascara and Neo Automatic Liner – the dark black eyeliner adding to my current existing MJ stocks: the copper brown and soft black eyeliner and Lash Enamel Glamour Neo – the thickening mascara. Woo hoo! More products to play with.

I’m waiting for the nail polishes and the pretty Skin Remaker foundation pack. Hope to have them soon!

The liquid liners looks like this. The brush reminds me of the lipgloss brushes, something different from the usual liners and it actually feels good! I like how I can control how much liner to use. It’s easy to use too!

I usually use dark liners like dark brown or black but surprisingly the copper brown one looks good on me! I forgot to take a picture of my look today but will post up pics another time!

12 thoughts on “Trying out MJ’s eyeliner.”

  1. I’m a MJ fan too!

    I’m currently using the liquid eyeliner, eye shadow and honey lip gloss. I love the lip gloss because it tastes yummy:)

    It’s great to hear that MJ is going to be sold here in singapore because i usually get them when i go back to japan. Not only are their stuff cute and nice, they are cheap back there.


  2. I’ve used their stuff for a long time 🙂 I buy them from Japan haha. It’s really good! The eyeliner is good.

    And I really like their packaging as well.


  3. hello there!
    I remembered reading one of your entries, regarding the hair cut you got recently. Can you provide me with the address again, please? Even the phone numbers if you have and and how much roughly are their charges?

    Sorry if I’m asking too manyXD

    Thanks a Million!


  4. Yes, I just grabbed MJ’s stuff from Taka Watson’s! My gawd, the liquid eyeliner is so pretty! (I bought the shimmery one) After reading your entry, I have been anticipating hard for MJ’s arrival. FInally, the wait is over! 😀

    By the way, you look lovely with the MH makeover! 😉
    Looking forward to see more makeovers from you!


  5. Hi! Am really excited about MJ coming to Singapore! I’ve never used them before but have heard all the raves. Just wondering do you know the date of the launch? Heh, think I’m paranoid but am worried that all the shelves would be swept clean before I get there 😛


  6. yuka: it’s in Singapore already! Do check out the Watson’s outlet in Ngee Ann City!

    T: Have you tried out their mascaras? Fab stuff!

    ella: Check out this entry.

    ladytricia: woah! u got the compact powder case?! I’m jeles! I haven’t gotten mine yet. 🙁 Thanks dear, will update more on MJ! Let me know if you wanna know about anything else!

    wei: babe!!! it’s already in Watson’s! Do check out Ngee Ann City’s Watsons!


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