Happy Tiger Day!

Since it’s the old man’s birthday, here’s some silly tiger trivia as per last year’s tradition!

  1. tiger loves stuffed toys. hehe. i’ve been giving him some cute super mario plushies. am hoping to be able to get the whole collection for him!
  2. the classic tiger look is black geeky glasses + a polo tee.
  3. it seems like most of tiger’s colleagues know that he’s tiger. -_-” big mouth!
  4. tiger seems to always wear this very ugly pair of slippers. one day i’m gonna throw them away!
  5. tiger is on this quest to nerdify me. he’s been trying his best to intro animes, games and whatnots to me hoping that i’ll like them too.
  6. tiger has this cute little stubble/goatie because i love stubbles. 🙂 i hate it when he’s clean shaven.
  7. like me, tiger loves cats. he doesn’t seem to fancy dogs though, maybe pat pat them a bit but he’s against keeping dogs. zzz. and i always wanted to keep a kitten and a puppy together.
  8. tiger is very supportive of the things i do, even with the recent amount of money I splurged recently on my keep fit programme.
  9. he’s such a smooth talker, thats one reason i got conned by him. -_-“
  10. he loves food as much as i do. one of my best food kakis. (not forgetting mrkennychan and thebeanmaster of course!)

happy birthday my silly boy! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Happy Tiger Day!”

  1. Huh, you’re malay? Didn’t know that. By the way to guy/girl above me, malay can keep dogs, muslim can’t. *roll eyes*

    Anyway happy birthday tiger!


  2. Hillary & eastcoastlife: Tiger says thanks!

    annant: hahaha yeah, the first for me too!

    heartbeats: how was your weekend? 🙂

    -: i’m not a malay nor am i a muslim btw. i’m a freethinker who loves her pork. 🙂

    LorMee: You got that right! Tiger says thanks for your wishes too!


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