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that thing about aussie. day five.

another packet of chips devoured. a packet of tim-tams and a third packet of chips will soon be devoured too.

i am so dreading going back to work. bah. today, we headed to indooroopilly shopping centre. unfortunately i couldnt seem to find anything i wanted. the clothes seemed boring, common and pricey. i rather spend my money in bangkok where i could get things at a quarter of the price.

been to target, supre, sportsgirl, dotti, cotton on but nothing caught my eye. boooooooooooring.

headed back home and decided to go grocery shopping (we ran out of bacon!!!! yikes!) and decided to bring the little rascal along.



bad choice. the supermart (coles) seemed rather far and the rascal was not being very obedient. decided to hand the leash to tiger 😛 that sums up my day for today.

tomorrow! apparently tiger has a surprise for me 😉 we’ll see whats going on… 😉

back to chips. yum. i am so gaining weight here. argh.

6 thoughts on “that thing about aussie. day five.”

  1. There is this charming Viet-Chinese restaurant call Camh Rahn (my speeling confirm wrong), by this quite railway station (I can’t recall which one), that serves the best food in the world, ever! It’s popular with overseas students. Ask Tiger to bring you there makan!


  2. Nadnut, got u from flowerpod!If u are ever at surfers paradise, there is an Ice shop which sells last seasons and its kinda cheap if you look through. Dun forget to go to Movieworld!Superman ride is cool! go for it!


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