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Hair woes. Help! I’m losing hair!

I have had thin hair since forever. In fact, I have a M shape hairline since I was young. I could show you my IC pic where my obvious hairline-which-looks-like-hairloss but it’s really such an ugly pic that I can’t.

In fact, my colleague points and laughs at it whenever she sees it. >.< NOT FUNNEH!

Somehow throughout the years, my hair seems to be thinner and thinner. Kinda worrying you know! What if I bald! What if my m shape hairline becomes worse? Am I losing hair or is this normal? Does colouring my hair excessively contribute to my hair loss?

The boyfriend himself has his fair share of hair woes. He has been having dandruff problems for a while now and despite using many products, the dandruff is still there. He also has white hair. 🙁

Both of us were moaning and groaning about our hair woes when we found out about Yun Nam Hair Care.

Yun Nam Hair Care is a well-known household name for more than two decades, firmly believes in using natural herbs to improve hair health. Their  customised hair treatments have helped countless male and female customers to recover from various hair problems.

Thus began Ching Chong Boy’s and my journey with Yun Nam Hair Care!

Yun Nam Hair Care

Yun Nam hair care

First we had a one-on-one meeting with a dedicated consultant. My Consultant (Michelle) examined both Ching Chong Boy’s and my hair thoroughly to identify the causes of our hair problems.

Yun Nam hair care
Explaining to my Consultant (Michelle) about my "balding" spot
Yun Nam hair care
Michelle examining my hair

After examining my hair with a computerised scalp analysis, Michelle explained to me my hair problems.

Yun Nam hair care
My scans

My main problem was actually due to my oily scalp. I was seriously flabbergasted when I heard that. I would have never guessed that I had an oily scalp. In fact, i had thought all along that I had a dry scalp!

When in actual fact, I had not only an oily scalp but mild dandruff. These two problems were actually “blocking” my scalp. Think of it as being so clogged that my scalp could not “breathe” and thus new hair couldn’t grow. My hair fall rate was faster than my hair growth rate which means I would probably bald soon. 🙁

Michelle explained to me that actually hair loss is not a one-day event. One could have been balding for years and yet not know it! She also mentioned my hair loss could be also due to the numerous chemical processes that I’ve undergone throughout the years…

Yun Nam hair care
Michelle examining ccb's scalp
Yun Nam hair care
The boy's scans

The boy on the other hand had no lack of hair. He however suffers from very very very bad dandruff (as you can see from the scan above) and sensitive scalp. Michelle also mentioned he had white hair.

Michelle however mentioned that ageing would slow down the speed of hair growth and thus it is of utmost importance to start taking care of one’s hair and scalp now. While most people resort to DIY treatments, it may not be suitable as each individual has different problems just like how ching chong boy and my scalp problems and treatments are very different.

Yun Nam hair care
The treatment area

Michelle then advised suitable treatments for the both of us. Because of my hair problems, she had suggested a treatment to “strip” off the bad oil.

Yun Nam hair care
Enjoying the hairwash from Michelle
Yun Nam hair care
The herbal treatment
Yun Nam hair care
Steaming to hasten the process

For ching chong boy however, he had to undergo a different treatment. Using herbs too, his treatment was to remove the dandruff and to soothe the scalp.

Yun Nam hair care
The bf enjoying his massage
Yun Nam hair care
Going thru the steamer too

Aside from that, we were both told to change our hair products. We both started using Yun Nam Hair Care products which help with our hair condition.

Yun Nam hair care
Yun Nam Hair Care products

We both continued to come by weekly for hair treatments and altogether have undergone 5 treatments each.

Here’s the results!

Yun Nam hair care
Michelle scanning ching chong boy's hair again
Yun Nam hair care
Before and after!
Yun Nam hair care
A happy customer!

Ching Chong Boy’s results were amazing! As you can see from the scan, his dandruff condition has improved amazingly! Not only has the dandruff almost disappeared, his scalp wasn’t so sensitive too. As you can see, the redness has subsided by a fair bit.

Yun Nam hair care
Michelle scanning my scalp


Yun Nam hair care
Michelle pointing out to me the new hair growth

My hair condition has improved too. Because of the removal of oil from my hair scalp, my scalp was able to absorb the nutrients better. As per the picture above, Michelle had pointed out new hair was able to grow faster now.

Thanks Yun Nam Hair Care! Icanhasprettyhairnao! Healthy hair starts from having a healthy scalp!

Yun Nam hair care
Pretty hair!
Yun Nam hair care
Michelle (my consultant) with me. Ask for her at the Plaza Singapura branch!

Yun Nam Hair Care also helped dyed my hair with herbal dye, I’ll post pics of it soon! I dyed it JET BLACK!

Specially for readers! Enjoy 1 FREE Herbal Treatment! They are also giving away 50 sets of $500 Yun Nam Hair Care Treatment Packages! One lucky reader may also win a one page magazine feature AND a $2,000 Yun Nam Hair Care Treatment Package

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If there’s any queries, please feel free to call their hotline at 6363 3232.

You can also call the following outlets to make an appointment!

List of Outlets:
NEW Ang Mo Kio Jubilee 6457 3232
NEW City Square Mall 6392 3232
Century Square 6262 3232
Heartland Mall 6836 3232
Jurong Point 6316 3232
Lot One Shoppers’ Mall 6368 3232
Plaza Singapura 6467 3232
Tiong Bahru Plaza 6377 3232
Woodlands Civic Centre 6893 3232

5 thoughts on “Hair woes. Help! I’m losing hair!”

  1. i called ady and they told me the hair treatment worth $200 and remaining $300 is to offset if i sign up package. is that right??


    nadnut Reply:

    Not sure about that babe! Let me try to check with them…


    nadnut Reply:

    Hey babe!

    I checked and this is their reply…

    “The reader most likely won for herself a $500 Treatment Package.
    The package includes:
    1 Hair Scan & Analysis
    1 Customized Hair Treatment (worth $320)
    1 $300 Treatment Voucher that she can use to offset any packages in future”

    Let me know if you have any other queries?


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