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Guess what’s this?

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It’s called Majoerotica, another item under the MJ range.

What do you think Majoerotica is exactly?

Lipbalm? Eyeshadow colour?

Surprise surprise! Majoerotica is actually….. a perfume balm!

As we all know, MJ has all of these lovely stories for their respective chapters, here’s the story about Majoerotica.

Majoerotica is inspired by the story of the Garden of Eden in the Book of Genesis. Remember the story where Eve eats the forbidden fruit, the apple to be exact after being tempted by the serpent?

This story is now reflected in our modern world, where normal girls like you and me learn about love and become aware of shyness, our body and adulthood.

Majoerotica to me symbolises the forbidden fruit. It’s a Glittery Perfume Balm.  I really like the smell. It’s fruity and very pleasant, almost intoxicating. There is no sticky feeling after applying the perfume balm and the scent lasts for hours!

What I like about Majoerotica is how small and handy it is. I need not lug a whole bottle of perfume or keep refilling those sample sprays whenever I go out. Very simple and easy to use. I like it! You can use it on your décolletage and on your wrists! It’s so small and handy, I brought it to the gym last week!

Aside from Majoerotica, MJ has launched a few new colours for Artistic Nails.

YE242          GR140           PK441         77          GR444

The colours are really fun and vibrant! You can create funky nail art with them.

For an animated step-by-step nail art application, do log on to!

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