yesterday a fren of mine called at midnight. i didnt manage to answer her call. and continued to my beloved la-la land…. tis afternoon when i got up (abt 2pm. yesh, im a pig. ahahhaah!), when i log in, and saw her online, i asked her “u called me yesterday?” and she replied “wanted to ask u go 85” . to those who dunno 85 is bedok 85, nice place to makan. i replied “ok”. then when i went off to get a drink and came back, i saw tat she left tis msg “guess we dun matter to u anymore” and went offline.

LIKE HELLO? juz cause i missed a phonecall (not tat i would go 85. it was late and means have to take cab to and fro and im fuking broke and i HATE last minute outings or watsoever), i deserve tat kind of remark? i replied with tis “and u called me at wat time? midnight. HELLO? a bit too much rite? and u are jumping to conclusions. hello. wateva lah. wateva u wanna think. im too busy to bother abt trivial matters of pettyness like tis.” . sheesh. like she also came back, i neva see her online, didnt get to chat to her and not tat she also bothered to say hi. come on lor, people are busy or watsoeva.

wateva lah. if u wanna tink tat way. go ahead. i have no time for such stuff.

pissed off,

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