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I AM GOING TAIWAN IN JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paid 277 (including taxes) for my jetstar ticket. heheheheheee. now now, can you imagine me in taiwan? me who cant speak a bit of chinese to save my life. hohoho.

must calculate my finances. just realised that i am such a travel-whore.

2004: bangkok + kl + hatyai + bangkok
2005: phuket + bintan
2006: australia (2 weeks wor!) + kl + bangkok
2007: bangkok + taiwan + hongkong (tentatively) + batam (tentatively)

every year, it gets more and more. woooooot! must save $!

6 thoughts on “WOO HOO!”

  1. hahahaha.. i can measure up to yours! haha. i shall blog my next post about it. we are travel-whoress!


  2. haha, u just nid to know
    “Jiu Ming” to save your life in Taiwan:)
    don’t worry,I bet you will enjoy yourself and most importantly, Taiwan’s street food at night! 🙂


  3. Wow so fun!!!

    I am praying hard for a trip down to Melbourne before my summer term ends. Plus saving up enough for my NY trip. gee.

    Next year I wanna go to Bangkok too!

    Lemmie knw if u knw any cheap flights to Melb or Perth (I cld take an in-flight). thks babe! 🙂


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