Yours truly...

Don’t be a smart aleck.

Like me.

I was feeling heaty one day so I decided to drink some Eno. FYI Eno is great for releasing “heatiness” too. So I stirred some eno into a cup of water. After doing so, I spotted some Vit C (the effervescent ones) and I thought to myself, I would be too bloated to drink another cup of water sooooooo…

I added the efferverscent to my cup of Eno water. After all, it was a cup of lime flavoured Eno and adding an orange flavoured efferverscent, how bad can it be?

It tasted fine, very zesty and I thought I was very smart combining the two. I felt fine, nothing seemed wrong but an hour later when I decided to go to bed, my tummy felt weird. I started feeling nauseous.

A few minutes, everything decided to reappear, if you get my drift. (If you didn’t, it means: I barfed, I blew chunks, I puked.)

Never mix eno and those silly vit c.

Don’t be a smart aleck, like me. Doh.

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