Don’t forget to vote!

I’ll be in the newspapers (small blurb i guess?) on Thursday Friday in Straits Times, Life Section! (zzz. they’ve just called me on 6/3/08, 10.42am to tell me that. zzzz and i’ve already bought the papers and friends were smsing me where was the little blurb. -__-)

Please do not forget to vote! You can vote daily!!! Pls support me! 🙂

Vote vote vote!

Thanks for your support! 🙂

nadnut bullying her boss to vote or else!

7 thoughts on “Don’t forget to vote!”

  1. yeah, it will probably be a small blurb 😛 i begged them to include a pic (to make it bigger lah) but nada…

    nadnut: 🙁 oh wells. lol


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