wat an interesting night.

bumped into the ex’s brother (whom i have not seen in like 7 months?), met up with ang ku kueh for dinner (my first 1-on-1 blogger outing) and went to meet the barflies at oasis.

akk is a very interesting person. chiobu leh!!! great voice, great looks and great personality. we must meet up again and spend more time this time!

and its interesting to know how fast a ‘scandal’ has spread. LOL.

there was a group of 12 barflies at oasis tis time. lol. played lotsa games but not enough! they had so many fun games… but i guess next time must come in a smaller group or split up in smaller groups for games. lol. else very chaotic. we (or at least, i did) screamed like mad chickens in many of our games.

guess how long we spent at oasis?

5 freaking hours. from 9.30pm to 2.30am.


fun fun fun! whose on for oasis next time?

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