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El Cheapo nad strikes once again!

As you guys know, I love steaks. Currently I can’t splurge on expensive meals because yours truly is trying to save money. As such, I’ve been transformed into becoming an auntie. I’ve been checking out promos and discounts and one of my favourites would have to be Hip Diners USA.

Why so? Firstly, they have this 1 fo 1 promo for main courses and sometimes they give out $15 vouchers to Billy Bombers afterwards! I’ve collected vouchers for Billy Bombers The Cathay, Tampines and Jurong Point! Perfect for the burger craving. Ching Chong Boy and I usually spend about $20 – 30 instead of the usual $40 – $50. Good savings!

While the steak at Hip Diners isn’t superb fantastic like your Mortons and the like, it is good for a cheap craving.

The creamed spinach was interesting. While I balked at the thought of eating creamed spinach at first, I slowly got used to the taste and in the end, I really like it! It really grows on you. 😉

Do make use of the 1 for 1 promo now! I think it’s fab that they give out vouchers (but not all outlets gives out the Billy Bombers vouchers)

What are your el cheapo ways to surviving the recession? Cutting back but yet enjoying some luxuries. Share them with me! 🙂

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