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Dinner at Porn’s.

We girls have this tradition which I started: Surprise/secret makan outings.

Our first outing was makan at With a pinch of salt then Jacelyn brought us to some yummy Japanese teppanyaki and Esther had brought us once to steamboat and bbq!

This time, Esther organised a makan trip to Porns! Before that, we had went receeing for hotels for our Girly Staycation!

I shall begin the post with the outfit of the day!

Black dress and pink bag from TheBlogShop, leggings from AMK hub, wedges from elcheapo shop at bedok and Usagi hairband from pushcart shop at Bugis!

While on the way to Porns, I was camwhoring away in the cab and Silly Esther photo-bombed me!

LOL! Funny shit!

Finally reached Porn’s!

To be honest, the place is overhyped. Yes, while the decor was nice, the food was so-so and the service was bad. Food took too long to be served and you’ll be lucky if you could get a smile from the waiters.

Honestly, would I come back? Maybe when there’s less of a crowd. It could be a problem of too many people + overworked staff = grumpy and bad service, I dunno. But I think I’ll give it another shot.

Here’s what we ordered.

My favourite would have to be the sambal kangkong though I did think it could have used a bit more sambal.

nadnut’s rating on the new items:

If you’ll like to check out the place, here are the details:

28 Liang Seah Street
(t) 6337 5535

Some pics with the girls here!

Fun fun fun! Fidelis planned our next surprise makan! Wanna guess where we went?

7 thoughts on “Dinner at Porn’s.”

  1. hi where and how much did u get ur red polka dots bb casing for? thanks!


    nadnut Reply:

    Got it masked! Try Gmask! I paid $59 for it!


  2. Hi there babe ,
    i like the black dress u wore ?
    at which rack or any specific place in the blogshop shop did u get it ,
    the one at Fe or Haji ? (:

    Thanks babe !


    nadnut Reply:

    I got it from their City Plaza outlet!


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