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Wrigley’s Extra Professional Mints – For a Clean You Can Feel.

I bet most of you guys have seen Wrigley’s Extra Professional Mints ads on TV. When I first saw the ad, I was laughing like mad, it looked so funny!

But after laughing, I realised that it does make sense. Sometimes we have this weird feeling, you know like our tongue feels icky especially after a very oily meal. I personally use a tongue scrapper at home, to remove bacteria and all of those unpleasant stuff on my tongue. Brrr, I never want to have a white icky tongue.

I tried Wrigley’s Extra Professional Mints because I find it easy to bring along mints instead of a tongue scrapper. Not only does it cleans my tongue, it also freshens my breath.

The mints comes in two different flavours.


Forest Berries.

The mints comes in a rather unique shape.

It has ridges on one side which helps to gently clean one’s tongue to give a fresh clean mouth feeling. Not only that, the mints are made from a special formula which has dissolving microgranules and helps to reduce potentially harmful bacteria.

The normal misconception about the ridges is that it’ll feel super rough on your tongue! Honestly, it doesn’t feel so! While you can feel the ridge surface, it doesn’t feel rough at all. In fact, I like the fact that I can feel it. Makes me know it’s working as a cleaner to my tongue. 😉

You ask what’s the difference between this and other mints? The difference between this and any old mints is the refreshing  and clean feeling you’ll feel after that and it tastes great!

My favourite would have to be Forest Berries! 🙂 Currently there are no other sweets that carry this flavour! I like the refreshing and sweetness of this flavour. It tastes so different from other flavours! Most of my friends who have tried Forest Berries are hooked onto it! I guess the taste is really unique, totally different from the common boring strawberry/blueberry flavours. Really nice!

I like it! Go try it too!

3 thoughts on “Wrigley’s Extra Professional Mints – For a Clean You Can Feel.”

  1. i just bought the forest berries one today after reading this entry!

    it is good! i might consider making a switch from eclipse to this. 😀


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