Congratulations to Vietnam!

Fab play there. Congrats on winning the ASEAN Cup!

It was an eye opener today… sadly for good and bad reasons.

It was fun at first watching the celebrations but after that, it got pretty tiring. Especially when the 2 of us were trying hard to just get our way back to the guesthouse.

Nearly getting whacked by the police definitely wasn’t fun nor walking for more than an hour squeezing among the mad bikes and all was definitely madness for the both of us.

Kenny returns tomorrow and I’ll be alone for the later part of tomorrow and Tuesday. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Vietnam!”

  1. Yay Vietnam! =) I was really tempted to hop on the back of someone’s motorbike too..heehee. nice photos! I uploaded a couple pics from last night on facebook too. Add me on facebook…i couldn’t figure out how to add you…this stuff is too new for me!


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