Milly’s New Year Promotions

Hey guys! Remember my previous advertorials for Milly’s? Here are some promotions for the New Year! There’s still time to look good for NYE 😉 But first, here are some info about Milly’s newest batch of hair!

Her current batch consists of thicker strands which are of a better hair quality which means that lesser strands could be used and it’ll be more natural. She also have a wide variety of hair colours to match any customers hair colour. Aside from that, Milly is giving out some free products with her current promotions!

If you spend $100, you’ll receive a free hair treatment which is worth $33.90.

If you spend $200, you’ll receive a free hair curler which is worth $59.90.

If you spend $350, you’ll receive a free hair curler or straightener which is worth $99.90 & $33.90 respectively.

There will be a free mask given with every eyelashes extension. (worth $9.90 ) and you can top up 38 bucks to get unlimited touch up for your lashes for a month.

5 thoughts on “Milly’s New Year Promotions”

  1. i read your blog and actually called milly’s for a nail appt the other day and i was shouted at over the phone.. 🙁 the girl said milly was not in sg and they don’t do nails. and put down the phone.
    kinda disappointed actually… not saying you’re at fault or anything just wanted to let you know since i know no other way to inform milly’s..


  2. ryls: Removing the extensions doesn’t hurt at all. There are some hair that drops during removal but that’s because the dropped hair got stuck with the extensions.

    marls: Hey babe, I’ll pass the message to Milly. 🙁


  3. Hi marls , i m sorry for the incident. i will look into the matter and prevent such things frm happening again. We do not do nails for the time being as we are short handed. Do contact me at 8383 5395 should you like to make any feedback or book appointment for hair or lashes extension.

    Thank You.


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