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Collecting our keys to our BTO!

I’ve got some exciting news to share! We’ve collected our keys to our BTO after almost a 4 year wait!

Decided to blog about the process of collecting one’s keys at HDB!


While we were given the appointment time of 3:10pm, we came early and got a queue number at 2.40pm.



We first had to purchase the fire insurance at level 2 at room/counter 213.



From here, we paid $5.50 for the fire insurance. After that, you’ll have to head to level one to scan your letter in order to get the next queue number.


We were called in rather late for our turn. Maybe about 30 minutes later than our actual appointment time?

From here, you’ll meet the HDB officer to sign a bunch of paperwork. We were then asked to go make payment for conservancy charges (we paid $61.50 here) after which to head to level 2 at SP services counter to activate your electricity and water. Do take note that you don’t need to  to activate your electricity and water on the day itself. You could always choose a much later date to activate it.


After making payment, we had to head down to level 1 again, to the same officer to sign another batch of papers, mainly for your HDB loans etc. It’s a good time to ask as many questions as you want in regards to your loan amount, duration etc. We bugged the poor lady to help us calculate a few variations and finally decided on a 20 year loan.


After everything, we could finally collect our keys! The whole process took about an hour plus.


We spotted a Home & Decor magazine stand inside the office and could pick a copy for free. Not the latest, but good enough!



My precious~~~~

Here are some pictures of our place! Lovingly named as #nadskaihome for now. We were joking that we should totally call it The Sims. LOL.



The kitchen desperately needs a makeover.




It’s a 4 room premium BTO that comes with flooring. Parquet for the bedrooms and tiles for the rest. Our master bedroom and living room comes with full length windows that we love while the other two bedrooms comes with 3/4 windows.

Skai aka c(hubby) mainly chose this unit cos of the unblocked view despite many other choices available. The view wasn’t a big thing for me honestly but I’m growing to love it more and more.

We’ve hired a professional defects checker who did a thorough job last weekend. Would definitely be blogging about it. We met a number of neighbours too! Super friendly and fun!

More updates about #nadskaihome soon!

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